Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TMI on Social Media

 I remember the first times I noticed over-sharing on facebook.  My sister and I bemoaned having to see that mutual friend's status update that had to do with her cervix ripening. Then there were breastfeeding over-shares, tattoo removal overshares, baby bowel movement overshares. We couldn't believe the audacity of some people.  As if they thought we wanted to know about those very private issues!

So today I almost did a 180.  I almost overshared about a little victory my son had on the potty today.  Well, it was a big victory, and it was stinky.

I know, even with reading between the lies, its Too Much Information.

But I can see now how people get so focused on their little life and the small things that seem like monumental events that they have to just share it with someone as soon as possible because oh my gosh its a big crazy deal.

I saved my facebook friends the disgust of reading a status such as this by calling my husband and having our son leave a peppy voicemail about his achievement.   I felt like it was enough of an outlet and enough of a censure.

And here's some totally unrelated photos that are fun to share with you!

My friend Ann made these kitties!  Love them.  She started blogging again here!

I'm kind of envious of this little lady!

DHH requested to take this photo.  He said he wanted to take a picture of his dad's "hang holding the saw".  I let him.  So here's one of his first planned shots.

Obviously he likes going to visit his grandparents!

Blowing raspberries.

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  1. I totally overshare on FB. But it's payback for everyone else's that I have to read.....HA!

    If my 4-year-old had such a monumental potty achievement, I'd definitely put it on FB. I would also probably call the White House because I would be so UNGLUED with excitement.


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