Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Toilet Paper Confession

Tho summer I bought a lot of cheap TP through anazon's subscribe and save. I didn't know it would be so terrible, and I was lured by the Eco-friendly claims and the low price. It was so cheap that I couldn't stand to use it. 

So I put it in the kids' bathroom.
Afterall, they either:
a) fail to wipe
b) unwind an excessive amount and make a mess

Twenty dollars of cheap toilet paper lasts A LONG time. 

I realized how stingy I have been with this cheap TP when I let EK use the toilet in my room and she yelled, "Oh Mama! It's so fluffy! I love this wonderful, fluffy toilet paper!"

I guess I might share the Cottenelle with her from now on since she loves it, too. 

Note: this is an unrelated photo of a little girl wearing too much lip gloss and her Thomas Train Purse because I think a photo of EK and toilet paper might be embarrassing to her one day. 

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