Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fear of Not Being Able To Sneeze in Catholic Church

(Not my own fear).

I have to document this story.
Its too much.

My mother in law attends Catholic Mass.  Because we aren't Catholic, our kids attend 1-3 masses each year, and I suppose it had been since Christmsa Day Mass that DHH had been.  EK had gone recently with Grandma, back when DHH assumed he had a choice to go or not if his grandpa offered (nope, not a choice, if one goes, all go. Solidarity)

On the way to the morning service, she mentioned that DHH was being weird, making odd faces and rubbing his nose.  She wondered what he was up to.  He said, " I am worried I cannot sneeze."

Later in the choir loft, he was wrinkling his nose and acting agitated.  Again she questioned him, and again he told her he was trying to sneeze and he couldn't.

This time she pressed, presumabling getting ready to offer a tissue.
Instead he said, "I am afraid I won't be able to sneeze when the priest says 'God Bless You' when its time to walk up the front of church."

He has been so witty and so interested in puns these days that itgs amazing he wasn't actually making a joke.

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