Wednesday, July 30, 2014

That Time My Boobs Were Clapped For...

By my breastfeeding son, who is getting closer to 1.5 years everyday. 
He clapped for me as he settled into his Boppy pillow - that he brought over to me after leading me to the chair in his room - and he made a cheer noise when I unlatched my bra.  

It's kind of hilarious and 100% sweet. 
It's a kind of thing that made me realize how different my self image is, from going from a teenager wearing a push up bra to a mama who wears a 36 F and it's totally happy how babies changed my body. 

Being clapped for helps! 

My other babies only nursed until 14 months and 10 months, and then I was pregnant by that time in their life anyway. Benny is 16 months old, and I don't anticipate a pregnancy.  

It's a just reward to have a happy twice a day nurser who loves to cuddle and will clap for nursing. 

It also helps me consider him as a baby rather than a small child I think, and had appropriate lower expectations of him.  Of course he can't use the toilet or put on socks or set the table. He's a nurser. He's not his siblings.

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  1. This post made me smile! Love how you can see the ways you have changed and love that he gets so excited about the special time you and him get to share twice a day! Kids grow fast and I have learned to try and take advantage of each time they want to cuddle or do something special with you.


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